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March 1, 2004
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We are a non-profit computer gaming group operating in the Rockhampton area. Our goal is to provide a quality monthly computer gaming event (or "LAN" as it is referred to in computer gaming circles) for our fellow gamers in the Central Queensland region.

From humble beginnings in 1999, when a group of friends decided to organize a public LAN and thought it fantastic to have 23 people show up, the CQGL quickly became the most popular LAN event in regional Queensland. Operating monthly since the start of 2000, the CQGL has grown steadily in popularity and now boasts a regular attendance of 70 gamers. Our largest LAN to date involved gamers from the cities of Mackay, Gladstone, and Emerald and had a total attendance of 86.

The last 4 years have seen the CQGL go from strength to strength. Not only have we consistently grown our average attendances but we have also worked towards forming links other gaming groups across Queensland. We regularly visit, and are in turn visited by, gaming groups from Bundaberg, Mackay, Gladstone, and Emerald.

Lans start early and go till late. The hall can be entered all night but we tend to lock the doors so uninvited guests canít get in. Also there is heaps of room to place a mattress (you can use some of the gymnasium matts from the hall if you need to) for a bit of R&R. Showers are also available for use at the venue.

Please try to avoid ANY daisy chaining of power boards. If you are having problems, contact an admin. In addition, do not stretch any cabling, power, network or otherwise across walk-spaces. Please try to be patient if you are having difficulties. You may not be alone, and there are only a handful of admins to go around.

While we take every precaution, your computer is ultimately your responsiblity. We can not be held accountable for the theft or damage of any of your property. In addition, CQGL and it's Administrators bear no responsibility for any loss of data or impairment to your computer, it's operating system, it's applications or it's configuration.

CQGL reserves the right to evict anyone who seriously breaches this Code of Conduct or otherwise makes a nuisance of him/herself. There will be no refunds of cover-charges.

Be sure that your machine is checked for viruses before and after each LAN. If you wish to share your folders you do this at your own risk, the same can be said for browsing other peoples folders. All files on the Intranet FTP server are checked and clean before each LAN.

Be sure to label all cables and CD's etc that you may bring. All lost property is made property of CQGL if not claimed after 2 weeks.

Hubs and switches have been provided. Please locate a port nearest to you to connect your PC. Personal hubs are prohibited at this event. If you have a switch, you may like to add it to the game server loop - please contact an Admin.

We run a DHCP server for IP addressing, so please set your TCP/IP settings to obtain an IP address automatically . Please remove any DNS or Gateway entries. Do not run your own subnet at this event.

Although we are fairly relaxed about file sharing, remember there is a central site for patches, maps etc to use and to which you may contribute. In addition, during the set events, we ask that people not undertake large file copies as this has the potential to degrade network performance.